Update: KT Hurt or at 75% and the Moorhead Offense too one dimensional and predictable; give ball to QB and see what he can do. I am changing my OSU prediction which I had as a WIN to a LOSS and by more than the spread.

Hello to my fans on here, well I am back with my 2021 season prediction. A dose of reality from the Summer of Hype that we see in most major football programs. My number one concern this season is the same as last, the Moorhead Offense has a fatal flaw and really should be booted IMO (I like Joe just not his offense).

Have you figured out the fatal flaw? Run your #1 starting QB into the Strong LB's of the opposing team. IMO last year Shough was playing hurt after just a few games of this rather stupid strategy and completed the season dinged up. TS had to transfer for health reasons faced with another year of Moorhead-Miigraines. It is one thing to run your QB on the edge sweep and out of bounds or to run your QB with major misdirection aka Chip Kelly; but this concept of running your QB up the middle is rather dumb. I also have this concern with CJV up the middle for 1 yard too many times, Cristobal (and/or Moorhead) can be stubborn and overly conservative at times; in game adjustments are not great.

So foremost our #1 QB and RB will be dinged up after the OSU game and playing the remainder of the season at 70%, maybe slightly higher. When this happens, we are in another rebuilding year trying to give our #2 QB real game experience. So here is the schedule prediction:

FRESNO STATE - EZ WIN, ok a decent warm up game
Now Playing with #2 QB AND RB, Thank Joe.
STONY WHO?- EZ WIN, Who scheduled this one
ARIZONA- CLOSE LOSS, Cheated in the Desert as Usual
STANDFORD- EZ WIN, Standford too slow.
CALIFORNIA- CLOSE WIN, Ducks offense has too many points
UCLA- CLOSE WIN, Chip getting better but his last season with UCLA, go back to Blur
COLORADO- WIN, they play much better in CO
WASHINGTON- CLOSE LOSS, but our #2 QB in Husky Stadium not fun
UTAH- CLOSE LOSS, cheated in Utah every time
OREGON STATE, EZ WIN payback time

Ok experts, what do I have wrong? Ducks 8 and 4, but really 6-4 with two scheduled high school teams.
We play in another dust bowl, maybe rose bowl if we get one more win, but who cares.
Could be the end to the Cristobal-Moorhead Union and about time, one or both may have to go.

I said 3 losses last year and we ended with 3 losses.

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