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D.U.C.K. in the U.S.A.

A weekly round-up of what they’re saying about YOUR Oregon Ducks across the nation

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Like the rest of you, I’m a hardcore Oregon Duck Fan. Unlike most of you however, I’m also a neurotic, insecure media junkie, and I make it a habit to scour the internets for information about what the rest of the world thinks about the Oregon Ducks. So for those of you who don’t work for the government and actually have daily tasks to accomplish might be a bit busy and don’t have the spare time that I do, I thought I might try and compile some of the stories, tweets, and Instagram posts about our beloved boys in green/yellow/white/black/grellow/pink/silver/grey that don’t make it to the Daily Fix, not that any of you read them, anyway.

PLAYOFFS? YOU’RE TALKING PLAYOFFS? looks at not just our playoff chances, but also Anthony Brown as a transfer player making a big impact:

A lock? Shut your * mouth:

Some well-deserved weekly awards:

Director of the East-West Shrine Bowl:


Trojans Wire talks to Oregon insider Don Smalley about Joe Moorhead and USC:

They’re talking about the Ducks’ big win Saturday in... Providence?

The Great Rubber Duck Mystery has been solved:

More awards:

Rare Duck Love from David Pollack:

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades

The Draft Network discusses Noah Sewell’s future:

Rich Eisen speaks to Ducks’ offensive lineman Alex Forsyth:

Brandon Dorlus getting some ink:

The Gray Lady talks about the big Ducks victory over anOSU:


Sorry, I couldn’t resist:

One more:

And finally, because we’ve never seen THIS before: