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College Game Day Open Thread

Or, how to get out of doing all those pesky chores that keep piling up

University of Washington vs University of Oregon Set Number: X157045 TK1

Welcome to Week Four. Conference games begin. Sphincters tighten. Here are but a few of the available viewing options for your enjoyment.

(All times listed are PDT)

9:00- #12 Notre Dame vs. #18 Wisconsin, FOX

From Soldier Field in Chicago. Please Wiscy, beat the tar out of the ‘domers, I’m really not ready for all the ND Hype if you don’t.

12:30- #7 Texas A&M vs. #16 Arkansas, CBS

Another neutral site showcase at Jerry’s World. Actually rooting for the Hogs, the hype surrounding A&M is almost as nauseating as that for Notre Dame.

12:30- #9 Clemson at NC State, ESPN

Will the Tigers actually score more than 14 points?

12:30- Rutgers at #19 Michigan, ABC

Can the Knights actually put on a better performance than washinglosttomontana?

1:00- Kansas at Duke, ACC Network

What, is it basketball season already?

3:00- #24 fUCLA at Stnafrod, PAC-12

I’m sure Stanford Fan is terribly excited for this matchup.

3:30- Texas Southern at Rice, ESPN3

Both teams are winless; there will be like thirteen people not related to the players tuning into this one.

4:00- Tennessee at #11 Florida, ESPN

Good ol’ Ess Eee See foooobawww from the Swamp.

4:30- Southern Miss at #1 Alabama, SEC Network

Lordy, when was the last time ‘Bama was relegated to the conference network?

4:30- Akron at #10 anOhio State, Big 10 Network

Gooooo Buckeyes, I guess.

5:00- Troy at UL-Monroe, ESPN+

Just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention.

6:30- California at washington, PAC-12

I smell an upset. Perhaps it’s just my lunch coming back up. Hard to tell.

7:15- South Florida at #15 BYU, ESPN2

Welcome to the Culture Shock Bowl.

7:30- Oregon State at U$C, Fox Sports 1

Will the Beavers allow the Trojans to break through and score big?