"Leadership Rises" as Oregon Football Puts on Pads


The second full week of Oregon football’s Fall Camp saw an unsurprising ramp-up of both expectations and understanding. While the Coaches and players try hard not to give too much away in post-practice interviews, there’s an undercurrent of enthusiasm, particularly from the players. Some of this is doubtless attributable to the joy of just being back on the field with teammates. But there is also evidence of Oregon maturing and coming together as a team. Although quick to note the amount of work yet to do, Coaches seem pleased with the team’s progress and with the emergence of leadership from players on both sides of the ball. Duck fans may recall some years in which locker room leadership was ineffective, and some level of "entitlement" crept into some members of the team leading to unfavorable game results. That is most certainly not in evidence this year. As one example, linebacker Jeff Bassa was singled out by Defensive Coordinator Lupoi. Bassa noted in an interview that he was working on better communication, specifically in recognizing formations and play tendencies from those formations more quickly. This lets the defense get adjusted as needed earlier. A small bit of in-game leadership that might not be obvious on game film.