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Oregon Women’s Basketball Defeats Seattle 90-47

Ducks win their second home game before hitting the road

Morgan L. Blackwell

Oregon Ducks women’s basketball had a relatively easy game today against the Seattle University Redhawks, running away with it 90-47.

#12 Te-Hina Paopao
Morgan L. Blackwell

Seattle got on the scoreboard first, hitting free throws off a Te-Hina Paopao foul, and then Endiya Rogers tied the game up at 2-2, followed by Chance Gray hitting a pair of free throws after being fouled. Once the Ducks got the lead, the Redhawks were really no threat.

Jennah Isai was especially on fire in the first half of the game, scoring 13 of her 15 points in the first two periods, but her (and Oregon’s) defense was also a highlight.

Virtually everyone was getting shots in at some point, and the Ducks were up 42-25 at the half.

#0 Taya Hanson
Morgan L. Blackwell

Oregon broke it open in the third period, holding Seattle to just 9 points. Most of the points in the paint came from guards driving the lane, but when the bigs got involved in the paint there was little that the Redhawks could do about it.

Everyone on the team was able to show a move or two before game’s end.

Five Ducks scored in double digits, and Taya Hanson just missed double digits with her nine points. Grace VanSlooten lead the way with 16 points, followed by Endiya Rogers and Jennah Isai with 15 each. Phillipina Kyei added 14 points, and Te-Hina Paopao followed with 10.

Oregon disrupted Seattle’s playing all game, with the Redhawks turning the ball over 21 times to just eight by the Ducks. That translated to Oregon scoring 30 points off turnovers.

The Oregon women continue to perform very well at the free throw line, and today shot 87.5% on 21-24 from the line.

All of the freshmen stood out today, but so far the outstanding play of Jennah Isai and Grace VanSlooten has been a real bright spot in this early season. Oregon’s success this season will be heavily dependent on the performance of all four of its freshmen.

The Oregon Ducks go on the road to Baton Rouge, where they will face Southern University. That game is on Monday, 11/14/22, at 4:30 pm PT. You can watch the game on Pac-12 Oregon.

Morgan L. Blackwell