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College football playoff rankings: Oregon up to #6, Georgia comes in at #1

NCAA Football: Oregon at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

As has become the norm on a weekly basis, the College Football Playoff has again been shaken up after an eventful Saturday.

Georgia, as expected, jumped to the top spot after dismantling Tennessee. Big Ten foes Ohio State and Michigan both nabbed spots and a surprisingly unbeaten TCU team snuck in to round out the top four.

Oregon currently sits in the sixth spot, behind Tennessee.

The Ducks are still on the outside looking in, and may be doing so even if they win out. Tennessee, who doesn't look likely to be playing in the SEC Championship Game despite being the second best team in the conference, can win out and maintain that their loss to Georgia was less lopsided than Oregon's. Oregon could make their case that they have a conference championship (if they win out), something that Tennessee won't have.

Alabama is done in the playoff conversation after losing its second game of the season to LSU, and Clemson was dropped below Oregon and Tennessee after losing handily to Notre Dame. Ohio State and Michigan play each other, so one will have a loss. Question is, would that solitary loss be viewed as more impactful than Oregon's?

Then there's TCU, who still has the hardest part of their schedule to play and doesn't look likely to finish undefeated, although if they do, Oregon can forget about a playoff spot regardless of what they do.

At this point, a LOT of crazy things would have to happen for the Ducks to sneak in.

But hey, crazy is college football's middle name.

DraftKings gives Oregon’s odds of making the playoffs at +300