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This Week on ATQ

Coverage for 12/26/22 - 1/1/23

Residents Of San Diego, California Celebrate The Holiday Weekend
Fireworks explode over Sea World San Diego, California
Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Monday, December 26

MBB/WBB: Pac-12 previews - SMC

Tuesday, December 27

Football: UNC preview - hyth

Wednesday, December 28

Football v UNC, 5pm PT FOX - AH

Football v UNC recap - SMC

Thursday, December 29

San Diego wrap-up - BW

Friday, December 30

WBB v UCLA, 6pm PT Pac-12 - SMC

Saturday, December 31

Football: UNC review - hyth

MBB v OSU, 5pm PT Pac-12 - AH

Sunday, January 1

WBB v USC, 2pm PT Pac-12 - BW