Reading the Greens: A Podcast Gunned Down In Its Prime

This is a bittersweet episode given the completely unexpected early demise of my cut rate text-to-voice phone app. On the positive side, I was finally able to find a voice setting with just the right blend of robotic intonation sprinkled with a very clear sense of humor when it came to pronunciation and inflection. Definitely some higher thought functioning beginning to happen in the circuitry there.

Sadly, me and my new lady-robot love were unable to consummate our relationship completely as she left this mortal coil early. But in her passing we can celebrate the first 38'ish greened comments from NSD 2022. I use "ish" because unfortunately some files were corrupted, shockingly.

Anyways, enjoy the final gasps of my fevered mind while I go burn my phone and wash my hands. My apologies to friends, family, acquaintances, ATQ community, and any future political campaign staffers who stumble upon this and somehow relate it back to me.

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