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This Week on ATQ

Coverage for 4/18/22 - 4/24/22

Heavy Spring Rains Drench Oregon Wine Country Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Monday, April 18

Film study on OL coach Adrian Klemm - hythloday1

Tuesday, April 19

Baseball @ Portland, 5pm PT Pac-12 | Softball v Portland St, 6pm PT Pac-12 - The_Badwater

Wednesday, April 20

Football Spring Practice recap - adamh86

Thursday, April 21

Women’s Golf Pac-12 Championships recap - Slurms Mac Court

Friday, April 22

Diamond Ducks preview of WSU Baseball and UW Softball - Slurms Mac Court

Baseball v WSU, 6pm PT Pac-12 | Softball v UW, 7pm PT Pac-12 - The_Badwater

Saturday, April 23

Football Spring Game, 1pm PT Pac-12 - The_Badwater

Baseball v WSU, 3pm PT Pac-12 | Softball v UW, 5pm PT Pac-12 - Slurms Mac Court

Sunday, April 24

Baseball v WSU, 12pm PT Pac-12 | Softball v UW, 3pm PT Pac-12 - adamh86