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Salvage Operation: Combined Softball/Baseball Game Thread

Ducks Look to Avoid Dual Sweeps in UCLA Series

Oregon’s baseball and softball squads play the final games of their UCLA series today, and both are facing the grim prospect of coming home without a win. Both games start at Noon and are available through Pac-12 Networks (Softball) on cable or Pac-12 Insider (Baseball) live stream.

The baseball results - two low scoring one-run losses to the Bruins - have been surprising. UCLA’s pitching and defense has stepped up to the challenge and kept the Ducks off the basepaths better than any team since early-season series against San Diego and Santa Barbara.

The softball results are somewhat less surprising - UCLA is very good and the Ducks have joined a long list of teams that couldn’t get going against the 30 - 3 Bruins pitching. Oregon has scored against the Bruins, but the days of winning lots of softball games at the elite college level 1 - 0 or 2 - 1 are long gone.

Both Diamond Ducks teams have to get the bats rolling today to salvage one win each from this series. Join ATQ in the comments to root on the Diamond Ducks!