The ATQ Spring Football Game Meet-Up (that totally isn't happening), Saturday, April 23rd

Ok, party people. The Spring Game is nearly upon us. Despite swearing I'm totally not going....I actually am. I'm a liar like that. What can I say?

Who among us is also going and wants to attempt a gathering? Let this be the place to start putting some plans into writing.

Where to meet and when? Parking lot tailgate?

Do we attend the game together or agree we just aren't sure we like each other enough to spend more than a little time in a parking lot kicking rocks together?

Anyone feel like bringing food or bevs is the right idea?

How's about post-game events? Anyone interested there? Or, again, maybe keeping the meet-up restricted to tailgating and/or the football spring game is best so we don't find we hate each other and this place falls to chaos? (right, like this place isn't already chaos)

On that note, here's a lineup of things happening that weekend in Eugene:

Friday, April 22: Oregon Relays (schedule can be found here), 6 pm baseball game v. Wazzu, 7 pm softball game v. Uw

Saturday, April 23: Oregon Relays (see schedule link above), 11 am Womens Spring Soccer match v. Seattle, 1 pm Football Spring Game, 3 pm baseball game v. Wazzu, 5 pm softball game v. Uw

Sunday, April 24: 12 pm baseball game v. Wazzu, 3 pm softball game v. Uw

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