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Oregon Ducks Baseball: 2022 Records And Statistics

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2022 Season Team and Individual All-Time Records

In spite of the 2022 season ending on a down note in the Pac-12 tournament and the Louisville regional, the Ducks achieved some major team and personal milestones.

Team Records in 2022

  • Team batting average of .310.
  • Total runs for the season 452.
  • Total hits for the season 670.
  • Total RBIs for the season 416.
  • Total bases for the season 1,041.
  • Total doubles for the season 122.
  • Total home runs for the season 75.
  • Runs scored in a single inning 12 (vs. San Diego 2/21).
  • Tied most runs in a game 23 (vs. St. John’s 2/25).

Individual Records For The Team In 2022

Tanner Smith earned all-time records for the Ducks as of 2022. Smith now holds the #1 spot in Consecutive Starts - 163, Runs - 155, and Hits - 85.

Anthony Hall set an all-time record for slugging percentage at .640.

Overall Team Statistics - Offense and Defense

These are not comprehensive team statistics. I have omitted some categories for one of two reasons: 1) I did not feel they were particularly important to include, or 2) The statistical difference between Oregon’s and their overall opponent’s stats were very small.

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAY 25 Pac-12 Baseball Tournament - Arizona v Oregon Photo by Zac BonDurant/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Oregon Defensive Statistics

The defensive stats show that while there might have been game-to-game gnashing of teeth and questions about how the Ducks handled specific situations, overall they outperformed their opponents. The review at the end of this season shows that in terms of pitching and defense, Oregon was a better team than they might have seemed at some points in the season.

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAY 13 Oregon at Arizona State Photo by Zac BonDurant/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Oregon Offensive Statistics

The statistics here show the underpinnings of the Oregon offensive juggernaut. In nearly every category, the Ducks show a decided advantage over their opponents. When viewing these individual pieces, it’s no wonder that Oregon set the team records to-date that they have.