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Oregon Volleyball: Ducks Sweep UC Davis

Oregon wins their season home opener

Morgan L. Blackwell

Oregon Ducks volleyball opened up the Oregon Invitational, and their first home game of the season, by sweeping the UC Davis Aggies 25-8, 25-8, 25-20.

#1 Elise Ferreira sets up for #25 Kiari Robey
Morgan L. Blackwell

The first two sets were a display of Oregon’s athletic prowess against a seemingly over-matched and overpowered Aggies team. The Ducks broke out to early leads in both sets that UCD was never going to be able to overcome.

Then, a very curious third set happened. It was as if a completely different Oregon team took the court. Kill accuracy misfired. Digs didn’t dig. Inexplicable UCD aces took place and it appeared that the Ducks were not positioned well for the adjustments that the Aggies apparently made going into the third set. Multiple service errors gifted points to UCD. In fact, a service error is what gave UCD their first lead of the match, going up 4-3. The Ducks tied the game up at 5-5 and even 10-10, but the amount of errors is what kept UCD in the game mid-set.

Just when Oregon seemed to clean up their sloppy play, the Aggies shot off a string of kills to pull ahead again. It was then that the Ducks straightened up and got serious, surpassing the Aggies to take a 18-15 lead, sending UCD into a timeout. Oregon did not allow UCD to catch up again, ending the match with the 25-20 set.

Mimi Colyer with the kill
Morgan L. Blackwell

Mimi Colyer was a killing machine tonight, finishing with nearly twice the kills of the entire UCD team.

Brooke Nuneviller only brought a handful kills, but lead the Ducks in digs tonight, while Elise Ferreira lead Oregon in assists.

Morgan L. Blackwell

The Oregon Ducks take a day off before hosting the Rice University Owls on Saturday, 9/3/22. The game begins at 6:00 pm at Matthew Knight Arena.