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This Week on ATQ

Coverage for 1/16/23 - 1/22/23

Greater Bay Area Slammed With Series Of Storms
Winter storms send waves crashing against the rocks at Fort Point near the Golden Gate Bridge
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Monday, January 16

T&F recap - SMC

Tuesday, January 17

WBB: Endyia Rogers article - BW

Wednesday, January 18

MBB @ Cal, 7pm PT Pac-12 - AH

Thursday, January 19

Football: Edge rushers article - AH

Friday, January 20

WBB @ OSU, 8pm PT Pac-12 - BW

Saturday, January 21

MBB @ Stanford, 8pm PT FS1 - SMC

Sunday, January 22

Football: OC Will Stein article - hyth