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Duck Soccer: Oregon Shows Spark, Falls Short Twice at Home

Back-to-back losses leave Ducks looking for answers on both sides of the ball

ATQ-EXCLUSIVE Soccer Morgan L. Blackwell

Colorado Doubles Up to Take the Win

The Oregon Ducks displayed moments of brilliance in what was described as one of their better halves of soccer this fall, but an unfortunate 61-second spell in the second half led to a 3-1 defeat to the Colorado Buffaloes on Thursday evening at Papé Field.

In a fiercely contested match, the Ducks initially fell behind in the 11th minute but quickly rebounded with a goal of their own in the 29th minute, leveling the game at 1-1.

As halftime approached, both teams were locked in a heated battle. However, the second half witnessed the Buffaloes capitalizing on their opportunities, netting two crucial goals in a mere 61 seconds, securing a hard-fought victory.

Game Highlights

The Colorado Buffaloes took advantage of an Oregon turnover, striking first with a goal in the 11th minute.

The Ducks responded with an equalizer off a corner kick in the 29th minute. Alice Barbieri delivered a precise corner to the far post, where freshman Kristen Conti expertly headed the ball into the net, marking the first goal of her career.

At halftime, the score remained deadlocked at 1-1, setting the stage for a tense second half. It was during this period that the Buffaloes seized the game, securing victory with two rapid-fire goals in the 62nd and 63rd minutes.

Notable Performances

Freshman Leah Parsons made her debut start as goalkeeper, showcasing her skills with seven crucial saves.

Livvy Moore attempted a career-high three shots, while freshman Grace Mensah contributed two.

Kristen Conti leads the team with three points, while Alice Barbieri notched her third career assist.

Defender Anna Phillips marked her 46th consecutive start.

Utes Convert Penalty Kicks to Hold Lead

In a continuation of their challenging season, the Oregon Ducks faced a tough battle against the Utah Utes, ultimately succumbing to a 4-2 defeat Sunday at Papé Field.

Oregon displayed resilience throughout the game, with goals scored in the 40th and 83rd minutes. However, Utah gained an edge with two penalty kicks converted in the 18th and 59th minutes, ultimately securing the win.

Game Highlights

Utah was awarded their first penalty kick in the 18th minute, with Katie O’Kane successfully converting it, giving the Utes a 1-0 lead.

Oregon responded late in the first half with a goal by Kaitlyn Paculba in the 40th minute, courtesy of a precise header from Ryann Reynolds.

Utah was awarded a second penalty kick in the 59th minute, and O’Kane once again found the back of the net, giving the Utes a 2-1 lead.

Utah added a third goal in the 80th minute, extending their advantage, before the Ducks launched a spirited comeback.

Oregon’s second goal of the game was a result of well-executed teamwork, with Lauren Kenny delivering the point.

Notable Performances

Lauren Kenny scored her first goal as a Duck, while Kaitlyn Paculba’s goal marked her first of the season and her fourth career.

Freshmen accounted for all three assists in the match, with Reynolds, McSweeney, and Bourne making key contributions.

Leah Parsons, making her second start in net, recorded 11 saves.

Grace Mensah led the Ducks with four shots, while defender Anna Phillips marked her 47th consecutive start.

Up Next

Oregon (0-9-2, 0-3-0) will hope to turn their fortunes around with games in southern California, facing No. 19 USC on Thursday and No. 5 UCLA on October 8th. Full Schedule