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The A-Bomb: will Oregon’s trajectory be “Nixed” in Bo’s absence?

How effective will Lanning’s team be without its superstar quarterback?

Syndication: The Register Guard Chris Pietsch/The Register Guard / USA TODAY NETWORK

So, here we are.

Right where most fans thought we’d be heading into the Pac-12 championship; prepping for a rematch with the hated Huskies.

Oddsmakers already have Oregon as a 9.5 point favorite, and considering how differently the two teams have looked since their legendary clash in October, it probably wouldn’t be surprising to see Oregon win by double digits.

As always, nothing is a guarantee, but it looks like the Ducks will definitely be knocking on the door of the CFP.

This is an impressive thing considering just two years ago Mario Cristobal bailed on Oregon following a humiliation to Utah in Vegas and the Ducks were left searching for a new head coach.

Now they have one who has been a recruiting wizard, a rowdy motivator, and an excellent in-game strategist.

But as far as the winning goes, how much of that is Dan Lanning...and how much is Bo Nix?

Namely, can we expect similar success in the years following Bo’s departure?

It’s certainly reasonable to think so considering what the defense has been up to this year, and Oregon is only set to get bigger and badder on that side of the ball.

But offensively, can Lanning keep the momentum going without the brilliance of a quarterback who is right in the thick of the Heisman hunt and who has started more games than any other signal-caller in NCAA history?

I don’t think anyone expects a Tom Brady/Bill Belichick kind of situation, but it’s also unrealistic not to expect a drop-off offensively and, by product, a drop off in success.

But how drastic will that drop be? Also, can Lanning shock everyone by not missing a beat record-wise?

This will be an even more difficult question to surmise considering Oregon’s move to the Big 10 next year. Having to face the likes of Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin on a regular basis could make enough difference as it is.

So what are we realistically looking at after Bo exits in most likely a blaze of record-setting glory?

Will Lanning keep the ship sailing smoothly? Or are we headed for rough seas?