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The A-Bomb: When it comes to Ducks vs Beavers, civility > PC

With the future of the rivalry in limbo, can we just call it what it is already?

Syndication: The Register Guard Ben Lonergan/The Register-Guard / USA TODAY NETWORK

Oregon and Oregon State will play each other in a couple weeks, just as they have for over a century.

Whether this will be the last meeting between the two for the foreseeable future remains unknown. I’m personally confident the two schools will work something out sooner rather than later, but we shall see.

Whenever it does resume odds are it will still be referred to as “the rivalry” or “rivalry game”, which, lets face it, is about as unique as a beard in the PNW.

Longstanding fans and alumnus on both sides have always known the yearly contest as The Civil War. In recent times, the schools themselves and the national media did away with the nickname, most likely finding something about it to be offended by.

The actual Civil War was indeed one of the bloodiest and most divisive conflicts in history, which is perhaps one guess as to what bothered certain people about it. It was fought over the abolition of slavery, another touchy subject.

Here’s the thing though, the “war” between the Ducks and Beavs, has, for all intents and purposes, been relatively least from a social standpoint.

Of course, the two teams dislike each other, and the fan bases are loyal and passionate about beating the other. But it’s always been more of a “fun” rivalry than a cold-blooded loathing (Oregon/Washington, Michigan/Ohio State, Auburn/Alabama, etc.)

So in essence, it’s a rivalry with civility between the fans. A Civil War. Not “the” Civil War.

You can nitpick anything to death. Heck, the game is played on Thanksgiving weekend. Go ahead and research the idea vs the actuality behind that holiday if you’d like.

It’s tough enough to think about not having this series anymore, for any stretch of time.

At least let us keep the cool name.