Visiting Eugene for game this weekend - What else to do?

Hello all, fairly random post here, but looking for some suggestions and advice. A group of friends and I from the Midwest do an annual college football rivalry game trip and this year are coming out this weekend for the game against the Trojans.

There are six of us, with the majority getting in mid-day today. Will have a rental vehicle to get around and tailgate. Hopefully will get back again sometime, but if we’re to assume this is our one and only trip to Eugene, what should we not miss?

We will typically tour campus, which we’ll probably do Friday, and it looks like there’s a basketball game Friday night so will likely hit that up too.

My questions essentially are:

- What are the other must dos/places to go/see (activities, entertainment, restaurants)?

- Best restaurants (sports bars?)?

- Best bars (sports bars, dive bars, unique bars, both campus town and older adult crowd)?

- Best bet for tailgating for non season ticket/pass holders? Are there passes we can pre-purchase Today/Friday? Cash lots on game day? What time do lots open Saturday?

Gameday/local traditions we should know about/observe?

Best places to get Duck gear? Preferably Nike and looking for good leads on big man sizes (3XL Nike specifically, looks like flippers are re-selling some of that on eBay). Also looking for the vintage Disney Donald Duck through the O logo apparel specifically somewhat as well.

Appreciate any and all suggestions! Go Ducks!

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