Lanning Fails to Deliver

There has been a lot of HYPE on the Lanning hire. Yes he does many things extremely well and impressive. However the bottom line is to defeat the two Rivals who have haunted the ducks for decades- Washington and Oregon State. On that scorecard Lanning gets a grade of D where he is 1 win and 3 loses.

Why can't the Oregon AD find a single coach who can deliver on this task? After all, for the most part the talent level at Oregon is far superior to that of our rivals. The entire nation and Vegas oddsmakers sees this, Oregon is the best team in the P12, except that we can not put it together in the big games that actually count.

These games have not been lost on talent, but mostly by BOTCHED Coaching strategies and in game decisions, Washington is only the latest example. We spotted Washington an entire half when both the Offense and Defense failed to show up for most of the first half, maybe they were hypnotized by the Vegas Sphere but the team was NOT READY TO PLAY.

#1: Ducks scored an amazing TD with 2:14 left on the clock. Why in the world would LANNING kick a stupid low percentage short kick off, what screwed up analytics is Lanning following? This killed our momentum and gave the Huskies a comfortable short field to run out the clock, it was a terrible decision.

#2: Our OC had a stupid game plan from the beginning. Washington was focused on our WR's and stopping the run. All the OC had to do was run the WR's deep and dump off to TE's and RB's over the Washington line backers who were terrible in pass coverage. The OC did not throw a TE pass until about six minutes left in the second quarter. At one point we connected on three straight TE passes to reach the red zone, we did not throw to the TE's again, we threw three straight passes to blanketed WR's and the drive stalled. Note the TD's we did get were to the TE.

Not to mention ten stupid slants for three yards each where our WR got pummeled. A horrible offensive strategy in a big game where bucky rushed for 20 yards and Troy Franklin had 4 catches for 34 yards. This is on the OC scheme not allowing our best players to be successful, in fact with Washington overly aggressive I don't recall a single screen, draw, or reverse. It was an overly conservative SHT show with slow developing run plays that Washington stuffed repeatedly.

#3: Our DC was no better. Yes Washington was blatantly holding on every play, but that was probably their strategy to force officials to call it which they did not, but it is no excuse. We barely touched their best player QB Penix. This should have been the number one objective of the DC and there were opportunities to blitz or send the house that the DC did nothing but Froze in a big game. Lanning is suppose to be the defensive genius and he did not seem to override the DC. Instead of an aggressive SEC type defense we got the finesse USC type of defense where the DB's have to cover for eight seconds, it was painful and disgusting to watch this passive wimpy defensive strategy.

So rather than go on, I will say FIRE both the OC and DC and bring in someone who knows what they are doing. All the headlines say- Washington Survived... Washington Gets By... Washington Comes Back... all the headlines knew the Ducks were again the better team, had it not been for sub-par coaching that costs millions of dollars.

The Oregon fan base deserves better, it was a total embarrassment to watch.

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