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Oregon Volleyball Preview

ATQ-EXCLUSIVE Volleyball Morgan L. Blackwell

NCAA volleyball generally follows chalk, You’re not going to find a 14 or 15 seed upsetting a top seed as you will in basketball, for instance. After the top 8 or10 teams, there’s a huge dropoff.

I highlighted the top seeds in volleyball previously. Not only are all the top seeds still playing, but all the top 14 teams at the end of the season are still in the tournament. Chalk rules in volleyball.

That said, games to watch are Stanford vs. Arizona State. AZ State is a very good team, and Stanford squeaked by Houston in five sets. I don’t know why that is, so it’s a game I will be watching.

Also, another possible upset is Washington State vs. #1 Pitt. WA ST definitely has the firepower to knock Pitt out of the tournament.

Oregon plays Purdue tonight in the Wisconsin Regional. Purdue has defeated Wisconsin in the regular season, so from this point on there are no easy wins. This is going to be a fantastic game, and you can see it on ESPNU.