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This Week on ATQ

Coverage for 2/20/23 - 2/26/23

Shipwreck Of Cottoneva Steamer, In 1937
Survivors of the Shipwreck of Cottoneva Steamer on the beach of Port Oxford, Oregon, 1937
Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

Monday, February 20

Softball: Campbell/Cartier recap - AH

Tuesday, February 21

Tennis, A&T, WLAX recap - SMC

Wednesday, February 22

MBB: Jackson Shelstad article - AH

Thursday, February 23

WBB v Arizona, 7pm PT Pac-12 - BW

Friday, February 24

BVB, Baseball, Softball recap - BW

Saturday, February 25

WBB v ASU 12pm PT Pac-12 - BW

MBB @ OSU 7pm PT Pac-12 - SMC

Sunday, February 26

T&F, Tennis, WLAX recap - SMC