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Ducks Soccer Rallies in Second Half, Forces Tie with Boise State

Oregon Ladies overcome early deficit for moral victory.

Oregon Ducks Soccer rallies in second half against Boise St.
Morgan L. Blackwell

Broncos Strike First

Boise State (2-1-5) opened the scoring 13 minutes into the match. Kenzie MacMillan of BSU chipped the ball just behind Oregon’s (0-6-2) defense where Carly Cross sent it into the net for a 1-0 lead.

Goalkeeper Maddy Goldberg and the UO defensive remained steadfast, holding Boise State scoreless for the remaining 77 minutes. Goldberg would finish with 5 saves on the day, putting her just outside the career top 10 at Oregon.

Slow Offensive Start

Despite scoring chances forced during the first half, including 8 shots and 3 corner kicks, the Ducks failed to capitalize and trailed 1-0 at the half.

Looking to use her height to her advantage, the 6’ Ajanae Respass headed in the tying goal in the 52nd minute, her first of the season. She attempted a game high 4 of the Ducks 11 shots in the game.

Regular Season Ties

This is the Ducks’ second tie so far this year. Under the former rules, a tie at the end of 90 minutes would trigger overtime consisting of a pair of 10-minute “sudden death” periods. These rules changed in 2022.

Under the new rules, there is no OT during the regular season, and those periods are no longer to first goal, or “golden goal” as they were known. This season, post season games not decided at the end of regulation will play out both overtimes. Any game still tied at the end of OT will be decided by shootout.

Up Next

The Ducks will kick off Pac-12 play with a visit to Arizona on September 22 at 7 p.m., airing on the Pac-12 Network. Full Schedule