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This Week on ATQ

Coverage for 9/18/23 - 9/24/23

DENNIS ANDERSON ‚Ä¢ /// Jan. 2007 // As three Canada geese land on the Firehole River inside Yellowstone National Park, a bison feeds in the warm sun on a bright, clear winter’s morning last week. Photo by Dennis Anderson/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Monday, September 18

WVB: Panther Challenge recap - KF

Tuesday, September 19

Football: Hawai’i film review - hyth

Wednesday, September 20

M&W Golf invitational recaps - KF

Thursday, September 21

Football: Autzen Stadium greets Colorado - AH

Friday, September 22

Football: Colorado film preview - hyth

Saturday, September 23

Football: Colorado series history - TH

Football v Colorado, 3:30pm PT ABC - TH

Football: Colorado recap - BW

Sunday, September 24

WVB: OSU recap - BW

WVB @ UCLA, 2pm PT Pac-12 LA - BW