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Oregon Women’s Basketball Loses To Colorado, 61-48

These Ducks have no offense

ATQ-EXCLUSIVE Women’s Basketball Morgan L. Blackwell

Oregon Ducks women’s basketball followed the same script that they have followed all season - this is a terrific defensive team that cannot shoot.

ATQ-EXCLUSIVE Women’s Basketball Morgan L. Blackwell

This was again a tale of two halves; unfortunately, after the first half it was clear that the Ducks were doomed to drop another one.

The good news here was that Grace VanSlooten was back in the starting lineup. The bad news is that it did not save the Ducks from dropping yet another contest due to a poor offensive effort.

ATQ-EXCLUSIVE Women’s Basketball Morgan L. Blackwell

GVS single-handedly put the Ducks on her back in the first quarter. And when she drove for a layup at the 3:59 mark of the first quarter, that would be the last FG that the Ducks would make the entire first half.

You heard that right. The Ducks made all of three points in the second quarter, and all from free throws.

With Colorado up 31-11 at the half, the game was a foregone conclusion. Sure, Oregon played more competitively in the second half, but they already lost the game. Sure, Chance Gray ended by leading all Oregon scorers with 12 points, but those points came in garbage time when the game was out of reach. Gray went 0-5 in the first half and scored one point off a free throw. That’s not how you carry a team.

ATQ-EXCLUSIVE Women’s Basketball Morgan L. Blackwell

The Oregon Ducks (11-11, 2-7 Pac-12) are in last place in the Pac-12 standings and show no hope of elevating themselves from the cellar. They have lost four in a row and are likely to lose the next five against a gauntlet of ranked teams.

The crazy thing here is that the women have enormous support. The crowd - even though there were only 2500 present - hung on every play the Ducks made, with cheers for great plays and “ooh” for missed shots, and that’s something you never experience at a men’s game.

It makes me wonder how long that support can last.

ATQ-EXCLUSIVE Women’s Basketball Morgan L. Blackwell