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Football: Senior Bowl Recap

Game highlights for Oregon players included a touchdown drive led by QB Bo Nix and an interception by SAF Even Williams.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Five Oregon Ducks participated in the Senior Bowl week practices in the lead up to all star game that serves as a kick-off of sorts to the NFL draft. Safety Evan Williams and center Jackson Powers-Johnson earned honors during the week of practice. Williams was selected Defensive Specialist Player of the Week as voted on by players and coaches, while Powers-Johnson was chosen as Offensive Player of the Week by Pro Football Network.

Three players opted out of the game itself: Powers-Johnson, CB Khyree Jackson, and DL Brandon Dorlus. Powers-Johnson and Jackson had both been reported as dealing with injuries earlier in the week and their decisions were unsurprising. I could not find any direct reports citing and injury to Dorlus, but it is possible he was dealing with minor issues during practice that he did not want to aggravate during the actual scrimmage.

Nix played only a single drive, coming out as the starter for the National team and led the offense to their only touchdown of the game. After this he gave way to Notre Dame’s Sam Hartman and watched the rest of the contest from the sideline.

Evan Williams played for the National team defense and had an impressive interception of former Tennesse QB Joe Milton. Quoting Crissy Froyd of The Sporting News:

“Just a very poor decision there by Joe Milton III. The former Vols signal-caller is picked off by former Oregon safety Evan Williams in the end zone.”

“Former Vols QB Joe Milton was moving at 14.5 mph when he made the throw on that interception and former Oregon DB Evan Williams reached 18.17 mph on the same play, according to Zebra Sports.”

Williams also had a nice assist on an interception by his National team mate Chau Smith-Wade.

Nix and Powers-Johnson are viewed as early round picks (contrary to some early reporting on Powers-Johnson, mea culpa). Dorlus is seen by many as a solid mid-round prospect, while Jackson and Williams are possible late round selections. Williams in particular may have completed the first step in securing a draft spot as opposed to having go the route of a rookie free agent.

Once a Duck, always a Duck!