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It's the ESS EEE CEE of the uniform bracket, y'all. ATQ's obvious Green Regional bias has its pundits calling this one 'The Real ATOFUB Championship'. Tell 'em what you think.

Green Machine was looking so good for a while there.
Green Machine was looking so good for a while there.
Steve Dykes

GREEN REGIONAL FINAL: (1) 2012 Liquid Metal vs. (2) 2012 Things Of Beauty

It was the chalkiest bracket by far, with only a 5-over-4 upset tainting its mathematical purity. So maybe my seeding wasn't so bad after all. The White Regional gave you all-2013, Green gives you all-2012 (OK, the Rose Bowl was post-2011, but narrative!) At least this one gives you two distinctly different looks to choose between.  Have at 'em!


(1) 2012 Liquid Metal

2012 Liquid Metal

Photo credit: Kevork Djansezian

Time: January 2, 2012.

Result: Oregon 45, Wisconsin 38.

Bracket victims: Grellow, Ow, My Eyes, Green Machine

Laundry: It bothered me that LT's only appearance of the bracket lost its matchup.  Plus, I love the way this photo shows off the whole uniform.  Also, being on the front page requires that I use photos from the SBN archive, so SHUT UP WITH TELLING ME YOU WANT TO SEE KIKO ALONSO OR MICHAEL CLAY AGAIN, THIS IS HARD ENOUGH AS IT IS.

Actually, not that hard.  Essentially, writing an article is pretty much like being a commenter, except you have a lot more buttons to push and you have to stop effing cursing all the time.  And you probably can't make fun of someone's religion, but I don't really do that anyway. UNLESS YOU'RE A ZOROASTRIAN. In which case you have a pretty cool sounding religion, and it's surprising to learn it doesn't involve aliens. Have I said anything about the uniform yet? It's (cue Jeff Spicoli voice) "Awesome! TOTALLY Awesome!" And it is in the fight of its everloving life in this one.

All SEC jokes aside, these really were my two favorite Duck uniforms of all time.  Until The Elevens.  This has been really fun, guys.


(2) 2012 Things Of Beauty

2012 Things Of Beauty

Photo credit: Craig Mitchelldyer

Time: September 1, 2012.

Result: Oregon 57, Arkansas State 34.

Bracket victims: Things Of Ugly, We Mean It This Time, Kelly. Chip Kelly.

Laundry: Say what you want about DAT's off-field demeanor, when that dude had the ball in his hands, he had a purpose.  And that purpose was to get the freak into the freaking end zone right freaking now. Look at him in this thing.  He looks like a soldier, and he literally runs like a track star.  Every muscle is in the perfect position for launch. Eyes on the prize. He could be wearing a pink tutu out there and you'd know he was a speed demon.  But he's not wearing a pink tutu, he's wearing a uniform dominated by our beautiful green and yellow, and accented with Nike's amazing reflective moon rock colors.  Did you know Phil Knight was an astronaut?  What, you want truth in your journalism or something?  OK, fine: Your brain is going to melt inside your cranium having to vote against one of these things.  What, you want truth in your medical science or something?

Lastly, here's the link to the Google Sheet of the bracket, for those of you who want to check on the latest tallies, or simply reminisce about all the time we've wasted on this over the past month.