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The Regional Finals conclude with the WTF Regional, our bracket's ugliest one on a number of levels.

It's called the WTF Regional for a reason.
It's called the WTF Regional for a reason.
Steve Dykes

WTF REGIONAL FINAL: (4) 2011 How Could We Lose When We Look This Awesome? vs. (3) 2014 Bumbling Bees

The WTF Regional final breaks convention and features unis from different years.  And at least no camo or pink made it out of the first round, nice work everybody!  Oregon's evil crayon lab's trots anthracite and volt out there against the survivor of a very close Sweet 16 matchup.


(4) 2011 How Could We Lose When We Look This Awesome?

2011 Awesome

Photo credit: Ronald Martinez

Time: September 3, 2011.

Result: LSU 40, Oregon 27.

Bracket victims: Bitchin' Camo, Olive Drabs, Blackout.

Laundry: If we'd won the Cowboys Classic (side note: stupidest name ever), would this be a uniform capable of winning it all?  It's clearly the superior of the volt-infused uniforms.  I voted for the Blackouts in the Sweet 16, but I'm a big enough person to respect the will of the commentariat.  (No, that does not license you to make fat jokes in the comments, John Blutarsky.)  It's a basic use of flash in several uniform locations, and Volt is definitely flashy, but this is essentially a two-tone uniform, neither tone being green or yellow.  It's an awesome looking setup, but it only makes me think 'Oregon Ducks' because I know we do stuff like this.  So there you have it, the unabashed bias of the uniform seeding committee.  I'm gonna go call my bro Mark Emmert and see if he's got time to catch nine holes after work later.

(3) 2014 Bumbling Bees

2014 Bumbling

Photo credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Time: September 20, 2014.

Result: Oregon 38, Washington State 31.

Bracket victims: Impending Doom, Salute The Day, A Little Of Everything.

Laundry: Despite being saddled with one of the lamest names in the bracket (nice job, self!) Bumbling Bees has been plowing through even difficult matchups with not a whole lot of trouble.  For me, what makes this uni so awesome is the helmet colors and the shoulder colors mirroring one another. Completely sick-looking.  I love silver numbers piped with yellow also.  And I have essentially no fond memories of this game, either.  A missed DPI has the obvious highlight.  So the WTF bracket ends with two WTF games but two decidedly sharp looking unis, neither of which bothered with green.  I have no idea which way this one is gonna go.

Lastly, here's the link to the Google Sheet of the bracket, for those of you who want to check on the latest tallies, or simply reminisce about all the time we've wasted on this over the past month.