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Recently retired with his main gorilla friend Chesterfield, Dominic Vieira has taken up helping people invent imaginary computers in the cloud. He enjoys a nice hot chocolate and Irish Cream concoction at night while watching "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"... at least he did until those talk show hosts moved on and morphed into new gigs. While retired, he does occasionally lurk around to check in on people, hoping to spread a little good natured panic and still believes that Justin Roper was the future for Oregon.

Quack Fix: Round is a Shape

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates on the supreme style of Kwame Mitchell, a Scott Frost feature, and Ohio State trying to get in shape for Monday’s National Championship Game.

The Three Stages of "All Fans are Noles Fans"

From the moment we met to the present day, a general accounting of the three stages of FSU fandom that causes an opposing fanbase to stop talking about everything it holds dear, looks in on itself, and takes a big old bite out of their own leg.

Eating the Enemy: Florida State Seminoles

If you are traveling to Southern California to watch the Oregon Ducks take on the Florida State Seminoles live or just happen to be having a Rose Bowl watch party at home, you need to make sure you’re serving the right grub for your guests.

Sunday Quack Fix: The Heisman Aftermath

A special moment in the history of Oregon Football requires a special Sunday Quack Fix. Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news and notes from around the world including updates on a big men's basketball win, FSU being disrespected nationally and more

5 Things we learned from UO vs WSU

It wasn't a game that Oregon fans have become used to over the years but there are a number of lessons we should take away as we carry through the season.

Quack Fix: Where is my holiday weekend?

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. It's the off-season and, quite frankly, doing lists of players or talking about awards just isn't doing it for me today.

Quack Fix: We are ‘Win the Day'

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We showcase a former Duck and his new jewelry, discuss "Plain Autzen Walls-gate", note an ESPN interview with Scott Frost and more.

Quack Fix: No catching Mr. Ed

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates on Edward Cheserek’s big win in the 10,000 meters, Eric Amoako’s transfer, Devon Allen going ham at the NCAA’s and more.

Quack Fix: Softball on deck for a National Title

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. Today, we discuss Softball's chances at taking home a national championship in Oklahoma City and other topics.

Quack Fix: Football or Basketball Championship?

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. Today, we ask a simple question. Would you rather have a national championship in football or men's basketball in 2014-15.