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Recently retired with his main gorilla friend Chesterfield, Dominic Vieira has taken up helping people invent imaginary computers in the cloud. He enjoys a nice hot chocolate and Irish Cream concoction at night while watching "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"... at least he did until those talk show hosts moved on and morphed into new gigs. While retired, he does occasionally lurk around to check in on people, hoping to spread a little good natured panic and still believes that Justin Roper was the future for Oregon.

Watch the De’Anthony Thomas "Super Juke"

This is one of my favorite Oregon Ducks plays in the Chip Kelly era.

Why Oregon fans should root for UCLA this weekend

While the Oregon Ducks battle the Washington State Cougars this weekend, a major battle will be taking place down in Palo Alto as the no. 9 UCLA Bruins take on the no. 13 Stanford Cardinal. Here's why you should root for UCLA

Mid-Year Review: 1000 Yard Receiver Fact/Fiction

Back in August, we asked you if the Oregon Ducks would have a 1000 yard receiver during the 2013 season. Now that we are halfway through the season, let's take a look at those predictions to see how things are progressing.

Oregon fights a perception of too much awesomeness

Like everyone else, I woke up on Sunday to bask in the glorious rays of 10 beautiful years of Oregon Ducks dominance over the Washington Huskies. What a game it was. It was supposed to be a measuring stick win. Too bad it didn't turn out that way.

Quack Fix: Decade of Dominance

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates from yesterday's practice, details about Supwitchugirl and their current plans, and a very important question from former Oregon Duck TJ Ward.

Quack Fix: The Marshmellow Test

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have reports from Thursday's walk-through, some early BCS predictions, some news about Jeff Tedford and USC, Pac-12 tempo, and more.

Quack Fix: Bear Raid Siren

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates from yesterday's practice report, a confident Marcus Mariota talking about the Cal Bears defense, some delicious recipes, and a plan to stop Oregon's substitutions by going up-tempo.

Quack Fix: Bye Week Tunnel Vision

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. Today, we have reports from Thursday's practice, some Pac-12 Conference power rankings, an update on baseball's Darrell Hunter, and a betting line for a potential Alabama-Oregon matchup.

Quack Fix: Tennessee on the Oregon Trail

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates from practice, details about how Michael Clay and Jackson Rice came drove up from the bay area to attend practice, and how there is a familiar face coaching for Tennessee.

Quack Fix: Football Walking, Track Recruiting

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates from practice, reassurances that OC Scott Frost has the green light to go for it on fourth downs, some big recruit news for Track and all kinds of previews for the Virginia game.