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When Matt Takimoto isn't comparing Oregon football players to Impressionist painters and Velvet Underground songs, or playing around with MSPaint, he is a graduate student in elementary education at UC-Berkeley. He started reading Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury" in 2003, but can't seem to find the time to finish it, choosing instead to read "The Phantom Tollbooth" over and over again. He likes Irish whisky and sushi, hates wet socks and high places, and still can't understand why Ben Savage hasn't parlayed "Boy Meets World" into a Ryan Gosling-esque movie career.

Praise for Matt Takimoto:

"He's not wrong" - Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday

"I've wanted him fired for a long time." - ATQ author Matt Daddy

"You're the best." - ATQ user daisyduck

Why Oregon Should Lose to Washington State

Tako doesn’t want Oregon to lose to Washington State. But here’s why it might be good in the long run if they do.

Tako Tuesdays Bought a Zoo

It’s a world-class menagerie!

An Open Letter to All the Petulant Oregon Fans

We hear you. We don’t like you. Please stop.

Tako Tuesdays Wants to Meet New People

Oregon has never played 59 different FBS teams in football. Tako ranks them all.

The Tako Tuesdays Best Case/Worst Case, 2016 Edition

Tako is back with a best case and worst case scenario for Oregon's 2016 season. You won't like the worst case.

Tako Tuesdays: An Ill-Advised Return

Tako crawls out of his cave of solitude to give this whole blogging thing just one more shot.

2016 Alamo Bowl - TCU 47, Oregon 41

Oregon blows the biggest lead in bowl history, and provides a perfect summary for this 2015 season.

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Joseph Young in a Terrible Suit, Sponsored by Gatorade

The 11 Best UO-UW Games of the Last 11 Years

No better time to recap the streak than the week before it might end.

Washington State-Oregon Post Game Recap

Written by someone who didn't watch.