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When Matt Takimoto isn't comparing Oregon football players to Impressionist painters and Velvet Underground songs, or playing around with MSPaint, he is a graduate student in elementary education at UC-Berkeley. He started reading Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury" in 2003, but can't seem to find the time to finish it, choosing instead to read "The Phantom Tollbooth" over and over again. He likes Irish whisky and sushi, hates wet socks and high places, and still can't understand why Ben Savage hasn't parlayed "Boy Meets World" into a Ryan Gosling-esque movie career.

Praise for Matt Takimoto:

"He's not wrong" - Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday

"I've wanted him fired for a long time." - ATQ author Matt Daddy

"You're the best." - ATQ user daisyduck

The Official Tako Tuesdays New Uniform Opinion

Immediately following a 21st century uniform retrospective

Oregon Probably Isn't This Bad at Football

Oregon looked terrible against Utah. They probably aren't that bad for real. Though, they might be.

Tako Tuesdays: Mad Lib Recap

I don't recall enough of what happened to recap it, so I have you do it for me.

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Tako Tuesdays: House Money

Oregon faces a tough task Saturday against Michigan State. But the fate of their season does not rest with Saturday night's outcome.

Tako Tuesdays: Best Case/Worst Case

There are two kinds of Oregon fans. This article trolls them both.

Tako Tuesdays Gets the Pac-12 Coaches Drunk

Bless you Steve Sarkisian. Blessings for your heart, and prayers for your liver.

The Case for Jeff Lockie

Vernon Adams is now officially a Duck. But Oregon's starting quarterback has been here this whole time.

WCWS: UCLA 7, Oregon 1 - Ducks Stumble in Opener

Oregon didn't have luck on their side, and didn't do much else to help themselves in a rough start to the College World Series.

Open Thread: WCWS Game 1 - Oregon vs. UCLA

The Ducks open their 2015 run at a national championship against a familiar foe.