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Oregon Basketball's Dwayne Benjamin Could Give Football a Shot

"I think about it every day of my life."

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon Ducks forward Dwayne Benjamin is gearing up for the Big Elite 8 showdown with Oklahoma like everyone else, but could have another sport on his mind when the season is over.

According to the Register-Guard, the 6-7, 210 pound senior could potentially find his way to Oregon's football team this fall.

Benjamin was a star wide receiver during his high school days in Louisiana. Johnathan Loyd, a friend of Benjamin, played four seasons of basketball for the Ducks before joining the football team for the 2014 season, so any potential move isn't without precedent.

Benjamin had an offer from LSU out of high school, and says football is still on his mind.

"I think about it every day of my life," Benjamin said. "I love the game of football and I always will. Go Patriots, Oregon and LSU."

No matter what happens in the NCAA Tournament, his career as a Duck may still have another season.