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2015 National Championship Game: TV, Streaming, Radio, Odds, Final Thoughts, and more

The big day is finally here. The Ducks are in Dallas to take on Ohio State in the national championship game.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Time and Place: 5:30pm Pacific, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

TV: ESPN for the main coverage. But the ESPN Networks (both on TV and online) will have a ton of options for how you want to watch the game, including a "Film Room" broadcast and audio with Jerry Allen. Check out their full options here.

Radio: In Oregon, you can listen on the Oregon Ducks Radio Network. Without a radio, listen on the TuneIn Radio Oregon IMG Network.

Streaming: WatchESPN. You'll be able to listen to Jerry Allen synced with the game here, so this might be a great option.

Note that WatchESPN had troubles keeping up with the demand, so you may want to look to alternatives if they are supplied by your ISP. For example, Comcast's stream for ESPN is located here. Uvsere subscribers should be able to stream ESPN here. Time Warner also has a streaming app that may work also.

Odds: Oregon opened as 7-point favorite. It fluctuated a bit, with it dropping to -5.5 after the Darren Carrington suspension. However, late money pushed the line back to -6.5 or -6 in the major books.

Final Thoughts: This is it. One more game, this one with a chance to reach the mountaintop we just missed in 2011. What is interesting about that game, however, is it was the main game that pushed forward the narrative that Oregon can't handle big physical defenses (though the 2010 Rose Bowl started that narrative). And once again, Oregon gets a chance to shut those narratives down, at least until the next time the Ducks lose to a big, physical team.

But this team has proven itself to be different. The offensive line is the most physical we've seen in the "Chip Kelly Era." Every near-elite defense they've faced (and there are no elite defenses this season) has been left wondering how they allowed 40+ to be put on the scoreboard.

And that is the key to this game. If Oregon controls the line of scrimmage and moves the ball consistently, they will win the game. I don't particularly care what Ohio State's offense does. We know this Oregon team, and Marcus Mariota does not lose games when he scores over 30 points. Now, the 30-point mark is a bit arbitrary, and some of the wins where Oregon scores over 30 have been pretty non-Oregon like. This year against Washignton State, last year's Civil War, last year's Alamo Bowl are all examples.

But this year, since the Arizona loss, we've seen this team do what it does best. Score points, force the opposition to try and keep up, and then pounce. And that's what they'll need to do today. If they are scoring points, it is almost an inevitability that Ohio State will slip up (Oregon is significantly better at not turning the ball over). And when that happens, Oregon will need to do what it does best.

For Ohio State to win, they must use their talented defensive front to slow down the Oregon attack. They are capable of doing that, and have as good a chance as any team in the country.

But I think Oregon is going to move the ball, and move it well. And I think they're going to win. This is the best offense we've seen in school history. The defense is designed to match perfectly to what the offense wants to do. Now it's time for the team to go out there and execute.

GO DUCKS! WIN THE DAY! We'll have full coverage of the game here at ATQ today. So stick around, pass the time, and hopefully celebrate with other Duck fans.