Fields Of Glory: Autzen Stadium A few years ago, ESPN did a profile...


Fields Of Glory: Autzen Stadium A few years ago, ESPN did a profile of 10 stadiums around the country. Our dear old stadium was covered, and will really get you excited for gameday. ONE MONTH!

SMQ picks Costa as QB of Up and Coming Team


Hopefully Costa will be able to come close to the hype.

ATQ Shoutout on


In other news, the Ducks have been documented (somewhat inaccurately) on the webblog. ------------------------------ Dave, is there a way you can switch the layout around at all to swap the fanposts section and the schedule on the left side bar? I often overlook stuff in fanposts due to its unfortunate location a little ways down the homepage :/

1939 Oregon "Tall Firs"


Not the best grammatical piece of literature, but very informative, and a great read for any Duck fan.

Hopefully this will make you smile on a Monday. 40 days until we run all over the Fuskies. All ...


Hopefully this will make you smile on a Monday. 40 days until we run all over the Fuskies. All aboard! h/t: EDSBS

Q & A with Chip Kelly


If you haven't been paying attention Ted Miller has been putting up a ridiculous amount of info at the new ESPN Pac-10 blog, including this Q & A with Chip Kelly. This is a really good interview, and Kelly covers Costa, the running game, Jaison Williams, Ed Dickson, Jamere Holland, and even talks a bit about his future at Oregon. It's a great read, and only adds to my excitement. Everyone is saying the right things, and I see no reason why they can't back it up. GO DUCKS!

ESPN Pac-10 Blog


Ted Miller from ESPN is running a Pac-10 blog, which he has been updating frequently. So check that out.

New York Ducks?


Hey all, Are there any fellow ATQers in the New York City area? On occasion I run into folks from Eugene but some on the east coast still think Oregon is a territory, not a state.



Hansen will eventually retire