Will the Beavers have a 2 QB system?


"Sean will undoubtedly start, and I don't know what's going to happen when Lyle gets back,'' said Riley. "I will say one other thing about it. This is a team quarterbacked by two guys. I really believe that. This team belongs to two quarterbacks.'' --Mike Riley

Blogger ranks Oregon No. 18


Not sure I agree with him. Basically says that the loses in the trenches will be too much to compensate for. Good read anyways

New Duck Jack Marder hitting with wood


Here is some videio of Jack Marder from this summer hitting with wood. Looks good...looking forward to baseball season!

Boise State turf not looking so hot


I found this thread (h/t eDuck) on a Boise State forum. Fans are griping that the smurf turf is showing some wear and tear.

Some terrible Oregon analysis


According to Joe Schad over at the Worldwide Leader, Oregon now has questions at linebacker(?) and lost some players(gasp!). Happens about halfway through the video, after talking about Barkley vs. Corp and some FAU QB.

Really Dr. Lou?????


Really Dr. Lou????? 

The Big House is getting louder but not THAT loud


Duck fans should love this, especially the last sentence. Why is Lioyd Carr is the best publicist we have?

New Renderings of "Matt Court"


Here are some new pictures of Matt Court. I'm really looking forward to the opening of this place.

Nick Reed's NFL Debut

Nick Reed's NFL Debut

Fox Sports Northwest has a short season preview of the Oregon Ducks football team.

Fox Sports Northwest season preview: Oregon

Fox Sports Northwest has a short season preview of the Oregon Ducks football team.