Off the Pond: Coaches Awards


An entertaining article by fellow duck blog Off the Pond.

NCAA New Jersey Rule


Hey, maybe we could get away with some home combos on the road!

Chip Kelly pleased with Oregon's start; running back LaMichael James star of day


Chip Kelly pleased with Oregon's start; running back LaMichael James star of day

John Hunt, the Oregonian. That headline makes me very, very happy. As far as Chip's assessment of James being able to replace JJ: "He's a lot faster than Jeremiah ever dreamed of being."

Ducks Volleyball Ranked #14


I get it, it's volleyball. But let's acknowledge the rise of this program at Oregon, in a conference where the competition is brutal. How brutal? How about six teams ranked in this year's pre-season top 15. Go Ducks!

A Defense Stats Question - and statistical whining at then end!


Hey remember me? I've had my head in the dissertation sand, so that I can be doing the less weekend-time-consuming data collection during the football season. I hope I'm not asking something that is obvious to anyone who doesn't get their ATQ fix by asking Nico what's going on on ATQ My question: Is there a site that lists Points per minutes the D is on the field, or perhaps Points per plays for the D? I was wondering after reading the Aliotti interview. Also when will people start listing the Standard Deviation for the averages we see? Would that be so hard? It would be ridiculously informative.

Division 1 Head Coaches


I got a 78/120. What's your score?

Joey Gets A Compliment, World Stunned


Whiny Lions Fans Appear In Comments As Expected

2009-2010 Men's Basketball Schedule


The men's basketball schedule has officially been released. We aren't in the Pape Jam this year, but we have a nice Pac-10/ Big 12 Hardwood series matchup against Missouri.

Clemens not making it so easy for Sanchez


I decided to check up on the QB competition in New York. Clemens looks to be getting most first team snaps. Can the Cowboy get it done?