The greatest thing ever. It'll be shown on the big screen during next week's game. I'll be busy watching it a million times between now and then. h/t to valued ATQ user TitanDuck for Fanshotting it first (I'm reposting so I can Tweet it out and do all the good social meeds goodness)

"Shout" with Duck greats


Bunch of great Duck athletes dancing to "Shout" in a Animal House setting, including Marcus Mariota.

This Kid Really Wants Mariota at Oregon in 2015


Don't we all buddy. Don't we all.

Marcus Mariota's Heisman Trophy display unveiled at Hatfield-Dowlin Complex


The trophy will be permanently displayed on the lower level of Oregon's football complex. And yes, it's as majestic and over-the-top as everything else in the building.

Video: First-person, 360-degree experience of running out of the tunnel at Autzen Stadium


Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to run onto the field at Autzen Stadium in front of 60,000 screaming fans? I don't know about you guys, but this video has me wanting to run through a wall at full speed. Technology is a marvelous thing.

Video: 2015 Oregon spring game recap


It was a perfect spring day for some football at Autzen Stadium this past weekend as the Ducks took the field for their annual spring game. In case you missed all the action, here's a recap from

This latest Marcus Mariota video will give you all the feels


I might be biased, but I don't think there's a better multimedia team in the nation than the one at Oregon. They put together videos that bring you to tears. One moment, you click on a YouTube link, the next, you're reaching for the tissues. This latest video will make you damn proud to be associated with Oregon, whether you're a fan, student or alum. Mahalo Marcus.

A Look into the Locker Room after the Wisconsin Loss


It's when you see videos like this that you realize just how much Joe Young will be missed. His on court production will obviously be hard to duplicate, but it's the off the court stuff that next year's seniors will have to take upon themselves. But what a great year for this team, couldn't have asked for a better season.

The Duck is on Tinder, and Wants You to Swipe Right


Reasons to date the Duck: he's adorable, charming, can save you if you're drowning, and will fight anyone who disrespects you. Reasons not to date the Duck: duck genitalia are terrifying. I won't link to it, and I don't want you to Google it. Just trust me.

All 22 Oregon Signees' Highlight Reels in One Place


I know, I know. Recruiting highlight reels are dumb. It's just one player being more athletic than everyone else on the field over and over again. But for anyone who wants to check out the new talent coming to Eugene next year, the folks over at put together this YouTube video of every Oregon signees' higlights.