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Arizona Wildcats vs. Oregon Ducks: Second Half Open Thread

Oregon leads Arizona 7-3 after a first half dominated by the defenses.

Jonathan Ferrey

The offensive explosion has not yet materialized. Oregon leads Arizona 7-3, but it's the defenses that have shined so far.

After both offenses had strong first drives (Oregon's ended in a dropped 4th down pass, Arizona's in a field goal), the defenses controlled much of the first half, in a game that had the over/under set at 79. While both defenses have made some plays, both offenses have missed opportunities as well.

Oregon saw some misfires on 3rd and 4th down that could have extended drives. And Marcus Mariota has not looked sharp. He was lucky to not have throw any picks in the first quarter, and fumbled the ball deep in Arizona territory on the last drive of the second.

Arizona has had two red zone trips, but only scored 3 points. Their final drive of the first half ended with a fumble on a botched zone read.

Will the offenses break out in the second? Can the defenses continue to hold? Stick around and out. GO DUCKS!Q