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12 Pac Review: Is This Conference Actually Any Good?

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The 12 Pac Review is having trouble making sense of the conference. Is it any good? Is the rest of the country any good, for that matter?

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1. Oregon -- 4-0 (BYE)

WSU's victory at Utah, combined with Florida State, Georgia, and Texas A&M struggling with mediocre opponents, put Oregon more into national perspective. This is very good team that struggled with a difficult offensive line situation. Having two weeks to fix it could prove to be what the doctor ordered.

2. Stanford -- 3-1 (20-13 vs. UW)

This defense is legit, and they are still Oregon's biggest threat. But can they score enough points to keep winning?

3. Washington -- 4-1 (13-20 vs. Stanford)

I'm not sold on UW's defense, and they play Cal and Oregon the next two games. We'll know a lot more afterward.

4. Washington State -- 2-3 (28-27 vs. Utah)

A week after taking Oregon to the limit, Washington State went to Utah and stunned the Utes. Mike Leach's team may have figured it out, but are there four wins left on the schedule to get the Cougs to a bowl?

5. California -- 3-1 (59-56 vs. CU 2OT)

Cal gave up 56 points to Colorado. I'm not even sure how to respond to that.

6. Oregon State -- 3-1 (10-35 vs. USC)

"Well, golly, we got outplayed today and, shucks, those guys over there did a really great job. We're going to have to get after it and try to do better next week."


1. UCLA -- 4-0 (62-27 vs. ASU)

UCLA finally looked the way they were supposed to look. Now they get a pissed off Utah team before a trip to Autzen Stadium. Can Brett Hundley look like a Heisman contender for more than a week at a time?

2. Arizona -- 4-0 (BYE)

The Wildcats are 4-0, but struggled mightily in three of those games. Arizona showed against Cal that it can put up a lot of points in a hurry, but the defense will have to show up eventually if Arizona is a legit South contender.

3. USC -- 3-1 (35-10 vs. Oregon State)

Someone want to explain to me how this team got murdered by Boston College at the line of scrimmage?

4. Utah -- 3-1 (27-28 vs. Washington State)

When you're up three touchdowns against Washington State at home, you have to close the deal. It was interesting to see someone else Coug it for a change.

5. Arizona State -- 3-1 (27-62 vs. UCLA)

Arizona State got exposed as a pretender. Welcome to every single year in the Pac-12.

6. Colorado -- 2-3 (56-59 vs. Cal 2OT)

At least you're not Kansas.

Next Week:


Arizona at Oregon


Utah at UCLA

Arizona State at USC

Stanford at Notre Dame

Oregon State at Colorado

California at Washington State