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Report: Average Oregon Football Player Worth $337,056

That’s not chump change.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Should college football players be paid?

It’s a debate that may rage on forever, but there’s no doubt they bring in a lot of money to their respective schools.

Business Insider took a shot at estimating how much each player would make by combining the NFL’s business model (players get at least 47 percent of revenue) with Department of Education data and splitting it between 85 scholarships.

The Oregon Ducks ranked No. 17 nationally with $337,056 per player, which is quite a bit more than a cost of attendance stipend.

Texas topped the list at a ridiculous $671,173 per scholarship football player, with Alabama a distant second at $536,485 per scholly.

Only one Pac-12 school made the top 20 besides Oregon. The Washington Huskies ranked No. 14 with $370,148 per player.

Adding in the rest of the FBS the number drops significantly. The average across all of college football’s top division was $163,869.