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Former Oregon AD Pat Kilkenny slams ‘irresponsible journalism’ following Rovell tweet

“Things get said in the media that are out and out fabrications.”

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Stanford v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Oregon Ducks booster and former athletic director Pat Kilkenny came out swinging during an appearance on John Canzano’s radio show.

Mostly, Kilkenny appeared upset with this bit of tweeting from ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

Why did he want to appear on the show? "Over the last couples of weeks, just irresponsible journalism.”

Then there was this: "Things get said in the media that are out-and-out fabrications. A fellow by the name of Darren Rovell, who I have historically thought was a responsible journalist, but apparently I was totally wrong. Who tweeted, that Phil Knight was going to spend $10 million to go hire a new football coach."

Being more specific, this was what upset him about the tweet: “We're all prideful, but no one will compromise anything that matters. That's why the Rovell thing made me want to throw up, because it was all about money and that's repugnant to me and it's repugnant to Phil. We want to do it the right way. That's one thing that's special about Oregon.”

Rovell certainly sparked conversation with his bit of reporting. Even if the Ducks do drop $10 million on their next coach, we want to make sure it’s spent in a reasonable manner.