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WATCH: Willie Taggart addresses the Oregon football team

“I’m going to always have your back. Okay? Always.”

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon Ducks players, media and fans are getting used to the energy and excitement of the Willie Taggart era, which is good because it’s the week before Christmas and there’s not a whole lot going on otherwise.

The football team’s official Twitter account has released a short video titled “Chasing Greatness,” in which he addresses the team:

“What’s up fellas? Y’all good?” he asks his charges. “Personally, I’m honored to be your head football coach.”

Taggart tells the team he didn’t jump at the job, he leaped at it. His personal list of responsibilities is 1. his family. 2. the team.

“Every decision that I make is what’s best for them — you all,” Taggart says. “You guys come before anybody else. I’m going to always have your back, okay? Always.”