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WATCH: Brady Hoke Talks About Bringing the 4-3 Defense to Oregon

"We want to be explosive defensively."

New Oregon Ducks Defensive Coordinator Brady Hoke had a lot to talk about during his opening press conference, not the least of which was the team's switch to a 4-3 defense.

In the above clip posted by the Oregonian, the former Michigan head coach says he got into coaching to "help grow men" and joked that he's closer with the media now after working in satellite radio.

Hoke also says he'd like to play 22 guys on defense if possible to help players stay fresh for the fourth quarter, boost morale and help players gain experience.

"We want to be explosive defensively," he says. "We want to be a defense that is going to dictate tempo, to some degree, a defense that is going to be aggressive and chaotic."

Regarding the switch to the 4-3, Hoke says he's got to help put guys in position to make plays.

"We've got to see what kind of personnel that we have," he says. "Starting in a 4-3 helps us in how we teach the package."