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What if the Oregon Ducks Were a Pokemon?

...and the rest of college football was also a Pokemon.

The braintrust at SB Nation has given us  truly unique gift this week — all 129 FBS football programs as Pokemon.

If you've ever wondered which Pokemon the Oregon Ducks would be (or even if you haven't) here's your answer:

Oregon: Ain't nobody with more alternate uniform combinations than Eevee, a Pokemon that can evolve into, like, nine other Pokemon, all with different colors.

So there you have it, the Ducks are officially Eevee.

What about some of Oregon's Pac-12 rivals? Here's Oregon State.

Oregon State: Venonat, a poison bug. Going to get squashed most of the time, but strong enough to poison or confuse a stronger foe.

Sounds about right.


USC: Machoke, the muscular fighter who'd be unstoppable if not for its regulating belt and NCAA sanctions and bland coaching hires. Also, "choke" is in its name.


Washington: You're going to see Washington on a lot of preseason top 25 lists. They were young, but now they're maturing. They might be a year away from championship goals, but for now, they're at least a Wartortle, a water-friendly turtle with good defense.


Stanford: The Pokemon for the thinker, Lapras. Sturdy, excellent stats, with a dynamic learnset of moves. Also, you can only find it in the boardroom of a massive corporation.


Cal: Who is super smart, plays no defense whatsoever, and could give you a headache if you hang around too much? Kadabra, a physic Pokemon who can bend spoons.

And, since they included an illustration with this one, Colorado.

Colorado: Gloom is known as the "Weed Pokemon." Also, it's sad.