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Oregon Ducks QB Coach David Yost Explains the Hair

It's all about the look. Sort of.

When David Yost joined the Oregon Ducks earlier in the offseason, he brought more than just expertise with quarterbacks.

The Ducks' new QB coach/passing game coordinator also brought his trademark hair.

So what's up with the hair? In the clip up top, the Eugene Register-Guard asks Yost just that.

The answer: Recruiting.

"I always liked long hair when I was younger, and decided to let it grow out," he says. "It kind of became a calling card. People notice it. I've kept it more for the recruiting side of it. Recruits remember it, it kind of stands out and separates me from the other coaches. In recruiting, that's what you're always trying to do, separate yourself in some way."

Makes sense. Yost definitely stands out from his coaching peers, making him easy to remember for future ducks.