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BJ Kelley is Excited to Finally Get Paid for Appearing in EA Sports Video Games

"Thanks to everyone who sent me clips throughout the years too."

Former Oregon Ducks receiver and social media king BJ Kelley is one of thousands of NCAA athletes getting paid for their appearance in college football video games.

While he redacted the exact amount, Kelley tweeted out what looks like an email about the payment:

Kelley left the team before his senior year, but not before making a name for himself due to his social media presence. He was a three/four-star prospect out of Fresno, California and ran a 4.27 40-yard dash.

Not only was Kelley armed with the screen shot, he tweeted out his own highlights from the game, apparently sent by fans.

EA Sports discontinued its NCAA Football video game after 2013. The company, along with a few others, agreed to a $60 million settlement package about two years ago.

The checks are now coming in, with the question remaining when, or if, the game will ever resurface. The numbers vary, but one report has the average payment at $1,600.