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Vernon Adams: There's Nothing Jared Goff Can Do That I Can't Do

Former Ducks quarterback lights up the Dan Patrick Show.

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Vernon Adams isn't afraid to speak his mind, and the former Oregon Ducks quarterback has made headlines doing just that over the last few days.

Adams told USA Today "I feel like I'm as good as everybody else, or better than everybody else in this draft."

And on the Dan Patrick Show he made more headlines by saying if he's not as good as former Cal quarterback Jared Goff, he's better. Watch the full clip above.

"Honestly, myself I think if I'm not as good as him, then I am better than him," Adams tells Patrick. "I'm not going to sit here and say he's better than me because there's nothing that he's doing that I can't do."

Asked if he's better than North Dakota State product Carson Wentz, Adams wasn't quite as bold.

"He's the only quarterback in this draft that I can literally say he's better than me," Adams says. "I've seen him at the NFL Combine. He made every single throw. I've been watching him since we were both freshmen. He's a legit quarterback."

Once his interview was over, Adams wasn't done talking to Patrick. He fired off a few tweets later on defending his abilities.

For his part, Patrick actually responded to the tweets later on in the show. He thought it was funny he was interviewing someone on twitter but let it be known he believes in Adams.

Adams may not be drafted above Goff in the 2016 NFL Draft, but he's definitely got enough confidence to make it in the league.