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Check out Vernon Adams' NFL Job Application

Former Oregon QB makes his case to the league.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Vernon Adams is this year's second best quarterback in the NFL Draft, just ask him. But the powers that be don't seem as high on the former Oregon Ducks quarterback and he might be lucky to hear his name called at all.

In the mean time, he's busy making his own case for a spot in the NFL, and agreed to fill out a mock job application for The Players' Tribune.

It's humbling to see a big-time athlete fill out the type of boring document the rest of us have to slog through to find employment, but this application is a little different than most.

A few highlights: Adams' nickname is "Big Play VA." He prefers the real Michael Jordan to the Crying Jordan meme and likes Drake more than Kendrick Lamar. If he had to describe his style of play in two words they would be "Big Play" (which makes sense given the nickname). The best football movie of all time is Friday Night Lights (no argument there) and he projects his own Madden rating at 86.

Maybe this'll help get him over the hump and a team will take a chance on him with a late-round pick.