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DeForest Buckner: Stanford 2015 was my Best Game in College

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"They're the big team on the schedule."

Former Oregon Ducks standout and current San Francisco 49er DeForest Buckner is featured in the above "Meet the Rookies" segment from his new team.

Buckner answers a number of questions about himself and about his game, including what was his best college performance. Buckner picked last fall's 38-36 win over Stanford, which knocked the Cardinal out of the national championship race.

"They're the big team on the schedule," he says. "The way I played and also coming out with a win, I'd say that was my best game."

Buckner also described his style of play in one word ("physical") and explains what "Win The Day" means.

"Everybody should have a goal every day," he says. "It's about accomplishing those goals and, the next day, doing it even better. That's what Win The Day is."