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Vegas Sets Royce Freeman’s Over/Under for Rushing Yards at 1,600.5

Over or under?

Oregon State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

How many rushing yards will Royce Freeman get in 2016?

It’s a question everyone would like to know, and if you think you know the answer there’s a certain city you may want to head toward.

Bovada has set Freeman’s regular season over/under for rushing yards at 1,600.5, meaning the over hits if he gets 1,601 or more yards and the under hits at 1,600 or below. They’ve also set his O/U for total number of regular season touchdowns at 16.5.

Last season the Oregon Ducks RB rushed for 1,706 yards and 14 touchdowns during the regular season, so perhaps the rushing number is the better bet.